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People will ask me, What do you mean by ” Dog Training for the real world ” ? I explain by telling them I show you practical exercise’s that you can use in the ” Real World “.

After so many years of training dogs for everyday people, I found what people want and need from a dog trainer:

# Control of the dog in the house, when the doorbell rings
# Control in the house, when there are visitors
# Lead control on the sidewalk when passing other dogs.
# Instant compliance when the dog is off lead and called

As simple as all that seems, it does take work and commitment and a dog trainer to work with you that really knows what they are doing.
I like the idea of AKC obedience trials and competition, and I love the idea of Schutzhund, they are all doing good work. But they have their own purpose.

All the ribbons on your wall will do you no good if you can’t control your dog when the mailman rings your doorbell.

When you are at a public dog training facility or a gymnasium with multiple handlers and dogs in training, that is nothing like your living room or out on the sidewalk in your neighborhood.

I travel right to your home and will address the issues of your dog jumping on visitors, going ” Berserk ” when the doorbell rings

We will go out into your neighborhood and work your dog around the neighborhood distractions.

What I do with my own dogs is, I very often bring them to a public park and work them around distractions like, joggers, skateboarders, bicycle’s all coming from behind at a fast rate of speed. Children bouncing balls, children running up to your dog, screaming ” Can I pet your Dog ? “….Real world stuff.

I like to work my German Shepherd, Nora around the ducks in the park, because I know she would love to annihilate them. But she will preform off lead obedience a few feet away from the ducks.

I ask and recommend that my customers meet me at a public park occasionally so we can work the dogs in that busy environment., in an effort to desensitize them, thus avoiding ” Over Reactions ” in the real world.

I do not use clickers or treats, we are not training chimpanzee’s to do tricks.

What our goal is and should be is to have a dog that we can bring anywhere, anytime.

The analogy I like to use with my customers is, Look at dog training like taking a health club membership, set your goals and commit to them. Real dog training fun and effective.

A walk in the park with your dog should be both fun and relaxing for you and your dog.

” Beezer Boy Dog Training, Training for the Real World ”

Thank you …Ron McLaughlin, training dogs professionally since 1984.