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Are they dangerous ? The short answer is yes they are.

The American Staffordshire Terrier is pound for pound the most aggressive and the most powerful breed of dog recognized by the AKC

And also the most abused and neglected breed of dog in America.

Often owned by the least experienced dog owners.

Like teaching a person with a learners permit how to drive, using a 6 speed 550 HP Ferrari.

People who are led by their emotions and not by their intellect, when it comes to this breed. People who believe what they want to believe.

So many times after a pit bull incident you hear the owner say something like, ” He never showed this kind of aggression before this attack ”

How many times have we heard pit bull supporters say ” It’s how you raise them ”

This is only partially true.

Even a well loved and well cared for pit bull can be dangerous in the right circumstances

Two dogs playing and it gets out of control, can turn into a fight to the death.

A screaming child bringing the pit bull to a state of agitation.

Again I like and respect this breed and it is a natural for obedience, but anyone considering this breed should go into it with their eyes wide open. You need a dog trainer and…a good one.

The next time you hear that a pit bull is no more dangerous than any other breed, it’s all in how you raise them, consider this…

Pit bulls are not the only breed of dog to be neglected or abused, every breed of dog has had the experience of being mistreated, But…

” When was the last time you heard of an owner being killed by their Golden Retriever ”

Never, Ever should a small child be left alone with a pit bull.

You would think that, that would go with out saying, but it happens every day.

I’m very experienced in these matters, do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.

When I post my opinion on the pit bull, let me be clear: I believe they can be wonderful pets, and excellent obedience dogs, but they require intelligent handling and a knowledge of the breed. I want people to understand the potential for out of control aggression.

Thank you.. Ron, Beezer Boy Dog Training.