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dog treeDog Training for the Real World

In home dog obedience training by Capital Region dog trainer Ron McLaughlin. Ron is a semi-retired dog trainer, and he will accept select clients and their dogs for obedience training, problem solving, behavior adjustments, manners & general obedience on and off leash.

Please call for appointment to schedule an interview with your dog and family.

As an experienced dog trainer, Ron will evaluate your dog first – and make a determination on strategy to get the desired results.

Get the professional dog trainer your dog needs. From basic on lead to advanced off lead obedience, Ron can get your dog on track for success.

I am a real dog trainer..and real dog training takes true expertise and commitment..

If some “dog trainer” tells you that they can train your dog “fast & easy”

You met a salesman …not a dog trainer…

True dog training is not unlike taking a gym membership and committing to getting in shape..

It’s neither fast or easy ..but very…very rewarding when you reach your goal…

I will be your personal trainer working one on one with you to help you reach your dog training goals..

I will come to your home and on the first visit explain ” How & Why Dogs Learn ”

I’ll give you a little hint here…It’s not by making them sit for a piece of a hot dog.

I will demonstrate actual obedience trained dogs so as to give you a visual of what you can expect….be suspicious of a dog trainer who has …No Obedience Trained Dogs….

And from there we begin to help you reach your dog training goals…

And it will be great fun…

Thank you for your interest…

Ron …Beezer Boy…Serious Dog Training…

 Training Contract (PDF)